compassion 9: singing together

On Sunday, August 13, Gethsemane gathered for a "compassion hymn sing," but the realities of the world around us asked for a little more, too. Such as some thinking about why we sing. Some answered Pr Kari's question about that with replies about how singing gives courage, and how it brings unity. Sometimes we sing for joy, others to help us keep going when sad, fearful, or angry.

Using a Ghanian song, "Jesu, Jesu, fill us with your love," Pr Joanne invited us to think again about racism in the church and world. The violence and hatred in Charlottesville begged for and was met with love and mercy (compassion!) that bears witness to another way of being in this world. This is the "Jesus way" that invites us to see others as neighbors whom we are called to love and serve. That love sometimes is tough and resistant, but always seeks justice for all. And the service costs us something, not least our preconceived notions of ourselves and our roles. To this loving, serving way we all are called.





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