The Good Shepherd Still Speaking

• April 22nd, 2018

Texts for the Day

Pastor Kari Lipke preaches on Good Shepherd Sunday.  The sheep know the shepherd's voice.  Where do we hear the voice of the good shepherd today?


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A Ghost Story Problem

• April 15th, 2018

Luke 24:36-48 (Audio Reading Available)

Pastoral Intern Erik Thone preaches.  The author of the Gospel of Luke had a "ghost story problem" as people were interpreting Jesus' post-resurrection appearances as those of a ghost.  Do we, too, have a ghost story problem?

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Notice the Wounds

• April 8th, 2018

Pastor Kari Lipke preaches on John 20:19-31.  The resurrected Christ is the crucified Christ; the disciples see the wounds.  The body of Christ in the world is wounded; do we notice?


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The Silence in Resurrection

• April 1st, 2018

Pastor Joanne Engquist Preaches on Easter Sunday.  The Gospel of Mark's account of the resurrection ends with the terrified women at Jesus' empty tomb remaing silent.  How do silence and grief fit into our celebration of resurrection?

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Maundy Thursday: Receiving the Mystery

• March 29th, 2018

Pastoral Intern Erik Thone preaches on Maundy Thursday.  Communion is a strange, incomprehensible meal: bread, wine, body, blood, "this is the body," "you are the body" can we receive a meal so layered in mystery?

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breaking open for life

• March 18th, 2018

At the fifth week of Lent, we're all pretty clear that it's an arduous journey through texts that tell us the truth about life in the company of Jesus-followers. Pr Joanne reflects on our approach to Holy Week, with the cross looming large on the horizon, and Jesus' words asking us to risk dying in order to live fully. We wonder together about surrendering some dear sense of our selves, letting go of some part of us or idea of us that we hold dear... It's this kind of risk that Jesus invites. Even encourages. And finally we trust that it is in such losing that we find life!

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For You and With You

• March 11th, 2018

Numbers 21:4-9, John 3:14-21

With the Israelites in the book of Numbers, Pastoral Intern Erik Thone asks "God, why?"  But is this the wrong question?

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kenneth j ozinga

• March 4th, 2018

Reflections (Charlie Ozinga and Pr Kari Lipke), Readings, and Homily (Pr Joanne Engquist) at the memorial service for Kenneth J. Ozinga at Gethsemane Lutheran Church, Seattle, WA. 


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Beyond Anger

• March 4th, 2018

John 2:13-22

How do we respond to angry Jesus? The story of Jesus cleansing the temple is both uncomfortable and important for us today. 

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before and behind

• February 25th, 2018

Pr Joanne reflects on the two lessons for today, thinking about the words of God to Abram (Gen 17) and the words of Jesus to Peter (Mark 8). Each has its challenge, but also promise. In the end, our call to follow Jesus can be more than just an invitation to share suffering -- it is a promise that Christ has gone before us, and will go with us. While the words about taking up a cross often frighten us, perhaps we can also find a blessing in the cruciform life. Poet-pastor Jan Richardson's words offer that possibility, too.

Blessing in the Shape of a Cross

Press this blessing
into your palms—
right, left—
and you will see
how it leaves its mark,

how it imprints itself
into your skin,
how the lines of it
and cross

as if signaling you
to the treasure
that has been in
your grasp
all along.

Except that these riches
you will count
not by what you hold
but by what you release,
by what you lose,
by what falls from
your open hands.

—Jan Richardson

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