Jesus showed us a way to live

• November 10th, 2019

We are so pleased to welcome Nicole Garcia as our guest preacher today. Nicole (she/her/hers) is an out and proud transgender Latina of faith. Her presence with us is part of 50-40-10, the ELCA's celebration of 50 years of women's ordination, 40 years since the first woman of color was ordained in our denomination, and 10 years since ordination restrictions were lifted for partnered LGBTQIA+ people. We also began our practice of extended Advent to remember the primary focus of Advent:  the full manifestation of the Reign of God in the world and in history. This fulfillment points toward both the Nativity and toward Christ’s ultimate triumph over death. Today's readings are from Psalm 98, Galatians 3:28, and Luke 4: 16-21.

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close enough to care for and to understand

• November 3rd, 2019

Pastor Kari Lipke gives our message on this All Saints' Sunday, with readings from Ephesians 1: 15-21 and Luke 6: 20-31. We also blessed the new banner artwork, "Festival of Lights" by John August Swanson, in memory of Doris Rolander.

"What do we want from others more than their understanding? What greater gift can we give someone else than to hear them and believe them when they tell us about their lives? Woe to you, then, is not a phrase of condemnation from Jesus. It's rather a precaution: a communal safeguard, a curb to bump up against, a provision for keeping us connected in honest, loving communities."

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one family. together. living free

• October 27th, 2019

Pastor Joanne Engquist gives our message on this Reformation Sunday. The readings for today are from Psalm 46, Romans 3: 19-28, and John 8: 31-36.

"Freedom is not simply the lack of shackles and the unjust overseer; libertad is not simply an unlocked prison door... we are offered freedom when God's own sets us free."

Harriet the movie comes out this Friday, November 1.

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courage to trust and to heal

• October 20th, 2019

Pastor Kari Lipke gives the message for this healing and anointing Sunday. The readings are from Psalm 121, Genesis 32: 22-31, and Luke 18: 1-8a.

"We remember our circles of connection because, at the end of the day, it is connection that heals us. Human beings are wired for connection...we know that connection alone may not cure the world's ills, but connection does heal us."

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stopped-in-our-tracks grateful

• October 13th, 2019

Pastor Joanne Engquist gives a message this 18th Sunday after Pentecost on gratitude, with readings from Psalm 111, 2 Timothy 2:8-10, and the gospel: Luke 17:11-19.

"May our gratitude shape our actions in and toward this world of God's loving. Indeed, may our lives, our whole lives, become songs of thanksgiving: whole-bodied responses of gratitude to nourish the world, seen and unseen."

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the loveliness of everything

• October 6th, 2019

Pastor Kari Lipke gives a special message on this Blessing of the Animals Sunday. Our readings today are "Saint Francis and the Sow" by Galway Kinnell and Genesis 1: 20-25.

"We are called to be bearers of a light touch and a loving word upon this earth. We are called to be blessing, not curse, for the creatures who share this home."

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quieted. settled. a struggle and dance.

• September 29th, 2019

Once again in our Illustrated Earth "season" we hear a story of animals participating in a saving story. This time the "whale of a tale" about the reluctant, runaway prophet Jonah swallowed by a fish. If you have time, read the whole book (four short chapters); here's a link to a pretty engaging version in an interpretation/translation called The Voice. What might surprise us all when re-reading the story is the emphasis on rescue (not punishment) and all the hearts that are changed (Jonah, God, the Ninevites). Pr Joanne links this story to another (Genesis 32:22-32) that we've been thinking about lately, informing the artwork Kristen Gilje painted for us. Come see it this month!


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compassion both fierce and gentle

• September 22nd, 2019

Guest Rev. Michael Trice joins us this week and gives this message, with readings from the poem Lost by David Wagoner and from Luke 15: 1-7. 

"God's love finds all of us. It beckons us. We're part intended to be of a celebration of our mutual finding in the world. None of us can render others 'lost' with the systemic rationalizations that enforce such efforts. You and I, all of us, we are in the position to bear witness to love that overcomes loss, especially when others have been rendered lost by a society that founds them unworthy to be found."

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everything we need is here

• September 15th, 2019

On this very special Sunday, we rejoice with Pastor Joanne Engquist who celebrates her 30th anniversary of ordination in the ELCA. Today was a day of blessing and re-commitment to ministry, as well joy for all of the congregations Pastor Engquist has served. Pastor Kari Lipke gives this message on readings of the Beatitudes, as well as Deuteronomy 30: 11-15; 19b-20a and Matthew 5: 1-12.

"It is our humanity in a dance with God's divinity that keeps the ministry of God incarnate, of God with us, alive and vibrant in this 21st century, over 2,000 years since the encouragement of the Beatitudes first rang out over a hillside in Palestine."

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abundant, good, cared-for life for all

• September 8th, 2019

Pastor Kari Lipke gives the message today, on the poem "To Learn From Animal Being" by John O'Donohue and the story of Balaam from Numbers 22: 22-35.

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