passion/palm sunday: fullness and emptying

• April 15th, 2019

For this Palm/Passion Sunday, Pastor Joanne gives a message on the stories from Jesus' last days.

"Friends, follow once more the story of ultimate emptying. When it is time, you go too. Go into the world of God's loving, go with the mind of Christ: emptying, humbling, loving serving."

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lent 5: gratitude spilled over as tears

• April 8th, 2019

Pastor Kari Lipke gives a message on today's gospel (Luke 7: 36-50) and Equality, a poem by Maya Angelou.

"In this season of Lent at Gethsemane this year, we have been running to catch up to the African American leaders who do keep on marching forward, who insist that human dignity be honored in every person, whose courage and bold action call us to pick up the pace. We have been stretching to allow the spirit of the anointing woman to manifest in us, so that we may know freedom and trust so fully that we become willing to go ahead and make a scene when it's necessary: a spectacle - one that maybe makes others uncomfortable but that is needed to shake up the society in which we live."

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lent 4: the prodigal son

• April 1st, 2019

"There's more to this parable than a message that let's us line up in camps of the reprobate over here and the long-suffering self-righteous over there."

Pastor Joanne gives a message on the parable of the prodigal son, alongside the words of Bryan Stevenson.

"What will proximity challenge you to do or be differently than before? To what or to whom are you called this day to be closer?"

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lent 3: the fig tree

• March 25th, 2019

Pastor Lipke encourages all of us to adopt a different perspective, to get to work, to repent, to transform. With readings from Luke 13: 1-9 and selections from Coretta Scott King, we are reminded that complicity is a form of violence. We are invited to re-examine what punishment is 'deserved.' And we are called to challenge our systems that allow for some to thrive and others to fall.

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lent 2: brooding hens

• March 17th, 2019

With Freedom Riders before, and sanctuary network members alongside us, with poets and prophets to guide, Pr Engquist invites us to think about the images in Luke 13 of hen and fox, considering how we are being gathered to safety and are called to offer ourselves as brooding hens. We complement the gospel words with Audre Lorde's to find courage for our days.


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trouble don’t last always

• March 11th, 2019

Pastor Kari Lipke gives a message surrounding the Gospel (Luke 4:1-13), our readings by Sojourner Truth and our theme for Lent: Trouble Don't Last Always.

Power and privilege in the present day are to be resisted, just as Jesus resisted the devil's temptations in the desert.

"One truth at a time, we are learning to find our way back to the path that Jesus has been steadily walking all along out ahead of us: a path that leads to racial justice among many other different kinds of justice. One person at a time, whites in this country are learning to resist the temptations to serve ourselves above all other races or to cling to power over other races or to insist on an enduring privilege status for our race. One truth at a time we are admitting to the atrocities of the racial terror of the past, we are confessing the atrocities of ongoing racism in the present, and we are affirming that black lives do, indeed, matter."

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common soil

• March 6th, 2019

On Ash Wednesday, we face all manner of truth about who we are. At Gethsemane this lent, that truth includes an emphasis on this nation's legacy of racial terror against African-descent Americans. We begin this season marked by an ashen cross, remembering the dusty earth from which we come and to which we will go.

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climb together with courage and be changed

• March 4th, 2019

Pastor Kari Lipke gives a message on the upcoming season of Lent and the readings for today: 2 Corinthians 4:1, Luke 9: 28-36.

"This year it will be especially important for us to take today's verse from 2 Corinthians with us from this festival day into the weeks ahead: Therefore since it is by God's mercy that we are engaged in this ministry, we do not lose heart." This season of Lent will focus on the task for historically white churches in America, like ourselves, to take seriously our calling to learn and teach the truth about this nation's legacy of racial terror against African-descent Americans. With that in mind, we will turn the earth this Lenten springtime to reveal stories too long buried from our view: stories of suffering, violence, struggle, and courage on the way to justice and freedom for all. "The glow of transfiguration and of resurrection will not be overshadowed."

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be merciful be loving be courageous be truthful be forgiving

• February 25th, 2019

Guest preacher Nathan Michael Black shares music, stories and thoughts on this morning's Gospel reading: Luke 6: 27-38. Nathan asks, "Who are the enemies that we're supposed to love?"

"You don't have to wait to experience something like risking arrest or having your body at risk standing up for someone that needs protection. You don't have to wait for a moment like that in order to say yes to what the Spirit is calling - you can say yes right here, right now. I will love the enemies of my siblings."

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Jesus is a champion of different endings

• February 4th, 2019

Pr. Kari Lipke gives a message on the gospel lesson: Luke 4: 21-30.

"What if this lack of acceptance is the foundational suffering that enables the prophet to resonate with the suffering of others - that this lack of acceptance is the foundational unfairness that compels the prophet to speak out against injustice wherever else they find it." "Will our stories end differently if we learn something today from this story - something about listening with humility instead of defensiveness?"

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