practicing our way to wholeness

February 16, 2020

We rejoice this 6th Sunday after Epiphany in baptism as well as affirmation of baptism, as we welcome those joining our community in church membership. Pastor Kari Lipke gives this message on the reading - Matthew 5: 43-48 - and on the recent news that our sanctuary guest Jose was denied bond from the detention center in Tacoma. Keep up with Jose's story here

"Friends, I know it's not as easy as praying one prayer - this charge we have from Jesus to love our enemies. And I know that there are some people in each of our lives for whom we cannot yet pray and for whom we might not ever be able to pray. But I pray this day that each of us may make a start today when and how we are able - and then continue tomorrow too and the day after that - as together we practice our way to wholeness."