Wild Hope: Indiana Bat

March 8, 2020

This morning we present an extended podcast for those folks needing to stay home for coronavirus concerns. Please note - the music is loud and soft due to limitations with our recording equipment. Please use caution if you are listening with headphones so that you are not surprised! Music and reading used by permission of Bret Hesla and Gayle Boss.

In her book Wild Hope: Stories for Lent from the Vanishing, Gayle Boss writes "The purpose of Lent has always been to startle us awake to the true state of our hearts and the world we've made. Which wakes an aching, wild hope that something new might be born of the ruin." During Lent 2020, we open our hearts to our sibling creatures on this planet. We revel in the beauty of other species. We grieve the many losses that come through environmental degradation, climate change, and insatiable human appetites. We gather strength to make the changes each of us must embrace, individually and collectively, to heal the wounded whole. We dare to hope for a resurrection future in which all life will flourish.