generous in our living

• September 1st, 2019

Pastor Joanne Engquist gives the message on this special 'Back to School' Sunday. At the beginning of this new season, we hear passages from Hebrews 13: 1-3, 16 and Luke 14: 1, 7-14. 

"We have our places of regard for people. But Jesus says, 'no. I wanna press for an altogether different way of banqueting, just as I have pressed for an altogether different way of thinking of each other.' No longer is it all about who can give payback or who can behave themselves or who can provide some 'tit for tat' party list. Jesus way insists on a mutuality of spirit instead of a hierarchy of importance."

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hunger for another way

• August 18th, 2019

Pastor Joanne Engquist gives this message after attending the ELCA churchwide assembly in Wisconsin. The readings this week are: Sowing the Seed by Wendell Berry and Mark 4: 1-9.

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there is no path without us

• August 11th, 2019

To Change the World Enough by Alice Walker and Mark 6: 31-44.

Pr Kari Lipke gives our message today after an eventful week for the Sanctuary movement.

"Survival of the fittest implies that the creatures of this world know and live only by the rules of competition. But we know that altruism is just as natural. That all animals, including us, will take risks to help one another - they'll even sometimes cross boundaries of families and species to do so. So we know that in us there is wisdom of how to share loaves and fishes, however few. In us there is knowledge of how to answer Jesus' call even in the deserted places of the world. YOU give them something to eat."

Choir Kids

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we will bloom once again

• August 4th, 2019

We welcome Rabbi Jason Levine this Sunday as our guest and sacred Word teacher. The reading is from Leviticus 25: 1-7, coupled with the poem "Camas Lilies" by Lynn Ungar.

"Time becomes the medium through which we create. We create meaning and value. Shabbat is something we create outside normal, natural and astronomical sights. It's something we set apart and make special. Frankly, this is the core meaning of the Hebrew term 'Qodesh' which means holy or holiness. Qodesh really means separate, set apart, made unique or special. When we turn Shabbat into something outside of the norm or our basic rhythm of life, we turn it into something special."

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on this path there will be hope

• July 28th, 2019

Pastor Kari Lipke gives the message on Sunday, July 28th on our bible story - Exodus 16. We also read the poem Beloved is Where We Begin by Jan Richardson.

"Do not leave this assembly, this table, this sanctuary - do not go into the wilderness of fear for what the future might hold without indeed first hearing who you are: beloved. Named by the one who has traveled this path before you. Named by the one who has traveled this path before all of us."

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it’s hard to miss the chaos

• July 14th, 2019

Pastor Joanne offers the last message in the Illustrated Earth series focused on water. The readings are from Mark 4: 35-41 and a poem - "What Ties Me to the Earth is Unseen" by Mark Nepo.


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the baptized life

• July 7th, 2019

Guest Pastor Carol Jensen continues the Illustrated Earth series on water. The readings from today are Matthew 3:13-17 and the poem "Last Night as I Was Sleeping" by Antonio Machado.


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clothed in the love of Christ

• June 30th, 2019

Guest Pastor Tim Oleson shares a personal story of growth and learning with us on our Illustrated Earth subject of 'water' and for this Pride Sunday - the 50th anniversary of the stonewall riots. Today's readings are Exodus 14: 15-31 and the poem "Miracles" by Walt Whitman.

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the stuff of the universe

• June 23rd, 2019

Today begins our summer series, Illustrated Earth, which has 3 sections: water, plants/food, and animals. Each subject will be discussed for four weeks of the summer.

Guest Pastor Charis Weathers reflects on the reading from Genesis 1:6-10 when God created the planet and on Mary Oliver's poem, "Lingering in Happiness."


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holy trinity

• June 16th, 2019

Today's celebration of the Trinity included a baptism. The readings were Psalm 8 and Romans 5:1 -- "Therefore, since we are justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ."

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