they’ll know us by our love

• May 19th, 2019

GLC Member and SFD Chaplain, Rev. Joel Ingebritson, reflects on Jesus' invitation to follow a new way of love.

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shepherding love

• May 12th, 2019

Pastor Joanne Engquist gives a message on the gospel for the fourth Sunday of Easter: John 10: 22-30.

"I wonder where it is that you have walked in the valley of the shadow of death? Maybe you've never been able to point to it as a place, but I suspect you might be able to do so. You might be able to link it to a moment, a place, a memory, something that still beats in you."

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we can find that life

• May 5th, 2019

Pastor Kari Lipke gives a message on today's gospel for the third Sunday of Easter: John 21: 1-14.

"This last story in the last gospel, this late addition after the narrative had already been concluded - this story might just be the life-saving story we need most today because it speaks to the ongoing despair that lingers after the bright 'alleluias' fade."

"This story tells us that when we are beyond frustrated with how hard it is to find hope and wholeness in this world as it is, Jesus does not blame us for that or shame us or chastise us for failing somehow. Instead Jesus gently reminds us that there is another side to this boat we are in."

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peace such as the world cannot give

• April 28th, 2019

Pastor Joanne gives a message for the Second Sunday of Easter on the gospel story - John 20: 19-31.

"Doubt is a reasonable thing and it is not the opposite of faith. Doubt is something that drives us to go deeper, something that asks us to engage and to question and to be fully present. And ultimately the peace that Jesus offers requires that presence."

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Easter - trust one another into brave new life

• April 21st, 2019

Pastor Kari gives a message this Easter morning on the resurrection of Jesus from Luke's gospel.

"What do we miss when we dismiss the hard-won knowledge and experiences of the courageous, tenacious, compassionate people who we relegate to margins where Jesus would never, ever put them?"


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good friday - we will remember

• April 19th, 2019

Pastor Kari Lipke gives a message with our Lenten theme in mind, and a reading from the modern prophet, James H. Cone, from his book The Cross and the Lynching Tree.

"We are conditioned by our faith, with the cross at the center and the dying of Jesus never far from our collective conscience, to see God in all suffering."

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maundy thursday - the superpower of vulnerability

• April 18th, 2019

Pastor Joanne gives a maundy thursday message on our gospel: John 12: 1-8.

"Friends, these days are ones marked by giving and receiving - giving what we have, who we are, and trusting in God's welcome of all that."

"God accepts us when we're filled with the serving actions of anointing another and the receiving posture of being anointed. God accepts us when we offer up our songs of thanksgiving and praise and when we cry out in anger or despair. God is ready to enfold each one of us, all of us."

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passion/palm sunday: fullness and emptying

• April 14th, 2019

For this Palm/Passion Sunday, Pastor Joanne gives a message on the stories from Jesus' last days.

"Friends, follow once more the story of ultimate emptying. When it is time, you go too. Go into the world of God's loving, go with the mind of Christ: emptying, humbling, loving serving."

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lent 5: gratitude spilled over as tears

• April 7th, 2019

Pastor Kari Lipke gives a message on today's gospel (Luke 7: 36-50) and Equality, a poem by Maya Angelou.

"In this season of Lent at Gethsemane this year, we have been running to catch up to the African American leaders who do keep on marching forward, who insist that human dignity be honored in every person, whose courage and bold action call us to pick up the pace. We have been stretching to allow the spirit of the anointing woman to manifest in us, so that we may know freedom and trust so fully that we become willing to go ahead and make a scene when it's necessary: a spectacle - one that maybe makes others uncomfortable but that is needed to shake up the society in which we live."

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lent 4: the prodigal son

• March 31st, 2019

"There's more to this parable than a message that let's us line up in camps of the reprobate over here and the long-suffering self-righteous over there."

Pastor Joanne gives a message on the parable of the prodigal son, alongside the words of Bryan Stevenson.

"What will proximity challenge you to do or be differently than before? To what or to whom are you called this day to be closer?"

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